Hay Day Has Just Become Much More Exciting

Hay Day is one of the most popular farming video games which are played by the youngsters and kids on a huge level. They just love to this game in their spare time; in fact, we can also say that they are getting crazy about this. The whole concept of this game is very easy in which you will get the responsibilities of the farm which includes creating the farm, feed the animals, sold or buy the goods and earn the maximum profit. You should give your proper time to the game if you want to play this in a better manner. A player can easily play Hay Day on the Android or IOS device but you should open this regular for feeding the animals properly. Apart from this when you sold the crops then you will get the coin which is an important part of the game.

The importance of coins

In the game, you need coins by which you can purchase the different types of animals and crops. That’s why coins are the essential part of the game which can’t be ignored by any player. You should try to best possible things in order to get the maximum coins. If you are a desire to get more coins in the game then you should consider some things while playing and some of them are describing below.

  • When you play the game, you can see many orders on the bulletin board. Don’t pick those orders which are not worthy according to the earning. Always try to choose the profitable options which take sometimes so that you can earn money. If you have some time consuming the just avoid and go ahead for others.
  • While playing the Hay Day you can see a lot of events which give you the opportunity to collect more coins. You should participate in such events whenever you see and try to give your best shot. You can get coins more than usually in theses type of events such like Visitor Bonus Event.
  • You are able to get the coins by selling then crops to other players. It is only possible when you have good crops so you harvest crops on the huge level and just sell it.

Thus you can get the proper information about the ways by which you are able to get the coins. If you are the beginner of this then you should first understand the whole concept of this. Some players just start playing without knowing properly which are the worst strategy and the most common mistake done by the players. In this game, everything takes a proper time and if you don’t want to wait then you can go for the Hay Day Hack tool. This is s online generators by which you can get the coins, diamonds and many other things to the maximum level in a short time. It will help you a lot in playing the game and also give you the best comfort level.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for Playstation 3

I recently fell in love with Lego Indiana Jones for Playstation 3, and when I heard that Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for PS3 was similar to an Indiana Jones-type adventure, I wanted to see what it was all about.
I love when games pack adventure, puzzle, and action all in one, so I was more than happy to shell out $59.99 on Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. (Just kidding. PS3 games are over priced).

Unlike Lego Indy, Drakes Fortune is a more realistic game, with more action, and harder puzzles and twists thrown in.

The Plot:

Nathan comes across a 400 year old coffin with the remains of Drake- a supposed ancestor of Nathan. In this coffin though, instead of finding remains, Nathan comes across Drake’s diary.

This diary is the key to the rest of the adventure from this point on. With maps and clues to unimaginable treasures.

Game play:

Immediately after opening the coffin and finding the diary, Nathan is thrown into full action battles, with modern day pirates, and a grueling gun fight between the pirates.

Everything was cool and fun up until gun fighting. The first complaint I have about it is the fact that there is no auto aim! Ahh! I have always had a rough time with firing down my enemies without auto aim, especially when they frigging move/run around.

Fighting though is either accomplished, or you fail. What’s good though about failing is the fact that this is not really a mission based game. If Nathan dies, he simply wakes back up in the place he dies, and gets to start right back up without having to repeat anything.

After this the game for the most part will take place in a lush jungle, where Drake and his trusty sidekick Sully will hunt for treasure.

This is no hunt and peck type of game though. Every room that you enter requires some type of puzzle to be solved. This reminded me of Lego Indy in that aspect, because in that game you had to do the same thing to move on to the next room. Solve the mystery.

In Drake’s Fortune though not everything is spelled out for you the way it was in Lego Indy. In Drake’s Fortune you have to use your wits and sometimes it can get very frustrating if you don’t know how to open a certain door, or blocked path.


Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is graphically beautiful. It has been given very high rating from numerous gaming sites when it comes to graphics as well. However I have seen much better when it comes to the Playstation 3.

Don’t get me wrong though, Drakes Fortune is still beautiful, but I think it could have been better. Textures are really good looking, but at the same time a few things look a little poorly done, and I couldn’t knock the fact that Drakes Fortune looked so damn similar to LOST, another PS3 game in which I hated.

I imagine playing LOST before playing Drakes Fortune left a bad taste in my mouth.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune offered though some really stunning cut scenes. Game play however does not look as breath taking as the glorious cut scenes that this game offers.

For the most part though, water looks pretty realistic, trees and environments are done up quite well, and the characters faces are pretty animated as well.


There is not much to learn when it comes to the controls in Drake’s Fortune. You basically can throw yourself right into this game without having to worry about how to jump, move or adjust camera angles.

Moving Nathan is easy, and is done by using the thumb pad. You move the cameras angles by using the other thumb pad. Fighting without weapons is also easy, and if you press certain buttons in a sequence, Nathan will do a more effective special killing move. It’s all easy because the screen will pretty much tell you what to press in order to achieve the special moves.


When I first began playing Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, I didn’t really hear any background noise whatsoever, and most of what was going on was not me playing, but long drawn out cut scenes. I didn’t mind though, because the cut scenes were gorgeous and I can compare it to watching an animated movie.

As soon as I got further into game play soft dreary music would play in the background. All of the music I heard throughout the game though was really done nicely, was quite enjoyable and fit really well with the game and environment I would be in.


I do not love Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune madly deeply, but I still find the game to be a fun action packed adventure, with pirates, treasure, puzzles, romance, and traps. For me, Drake’s Fortune is a lot like Indiana Jones, a little National Treasure, and some thrown-in Pirates of the Caribbean. What you have is a really cool game.

Worth $59.99 though?

I’d have to say no. In my opinion the game ends pretty quickly, and is worth renting more than it is buying. Once the game is over, it’s over, and does not have enough replay value for me to say ‘yes, hurry up and buy it!’

Why You Should Use a Hay Day Hack

When we talk about mobile games, there are certain ways to play them.  Most of the mobile games are released with a purpose to earn money and Hay Day is not an exception. Even in this particular freemium game, you need more resources like coins and diamonds in order to complete the tasks and cross the levels. There are many gamers who try to play the game safely and would love to apply some tips and tricks. Reaching higher levels of the game is not as easy as it seems to be. You need to work on your strategies and try to find new and effective ways of attaining coins and diamonds. Premium features of the game will surely cost you serious money but if you are looking for some other way, just opt for HAY DAY hack.

Hay Day – An Introduction!

Hay Day gameplay is pretty simple as the player is asked to take responsibility of his uncle farm. When you join the game, the scarecrow will explain you out the different elements that will help in taking care of the farm. Make sure, you read out the tutorial carefully and learn out ways to harvest the wheat, sell your crops to get coins and later use the coins in order to construct additional buildings and buy decorative elements.  Coins are further used to attain experience points and it will allow you to enter the next level. There are much more reasons to get coins and diamonds in huge number but options are pretty limited. As a player, you are asked to sell plenty of goods just for the sake of attaining few coins. Yes, the presence of in-app purchase will allow you to get more coins but here you are asked to spend real cash. The choice is entirely yours, whether you would love to apply tips and tricks, use in-app purchase option or opt for http://hay4hack.com/.

Positive Aspects Of Using Hay Day Hack

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Very Important Games of 2008 (Pt 3)

Man, this is a topic where I keep thinking up of titles as I talk more about it. I don’t know how many parts this topic will entail but if you guys are interested, I’m willing to go all out until I mention every game I want to mention for this list. I hope that’s okay.
Oh, and for those of you who’re just tuning in and skipped the previous parts, what I mean by a VIG is a game that’s impacted the year 2008 somehow, whether by showing how progressive the year was or by how stagnant it was or just by how different it was from all the other years. The games listed here are not about greatness; but about their importance to the year 2008.

With that, let’s begin.

Spore (PC)
A number of ambitious games were released on 2008 but the scope of Spore really showcases that ambition. This has been Will Wright’s baby for about 10 years and when it finally came out, players were given the opportunity to guide the evolutionary path of a single-celled organism to its rise to a galactic civilization. This means that the game will implement all kinds of gameplay mechanics from an arcade-style game where you direct your cell to gobble up microscopic food to an mmorpg-style tribal gameplay to rts mechanics all the way down to an intricate strategy game involving galaxies, space ships, and species in other planets. The scope and ambition of this game really makes this game stand out from all others on year 2008.

Also, like many games on 2008, the biggest selling point about this game is its set of creation tools which allows players to make and share all kinds of different creature species. How you create the species doesn’t really affect how the creature acts unfortunately but this is another one of those games where creating stuff is just really fun and really unique. The game doesn’t allow players to actually interact with user-generated content except to browse through them in an encyclopedia and meet them as computer-directed NPCs and that’s probably the most disappointing thing about the whole creation deal.

The game was a mixed bag for many people, especially since it was in development for so long, but more than the game itself, what makes Spore important is EA’s decision to protect this game with very strict DRMs. The issue here is that the DRMs on Spore forbid the owners of the game in installing the game for more than three times, which most PC gamers found to be ridiculous and completely alienating. It is not surprising then that Spore turned out to be the #1 most pirated game in year 2008.

Fallout 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
Though technically Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion with a post-apocalyptic skin, Fallout 3 was a very, very important sequel to come out in 2008 because it revived an old PC franchise in a way that appealed to majority of the gaming community while managing to maintain the deep roots of the franchise e.g. turn-based mechanics, character customization, dialogue consequences, and important story themes.

With a new mechanic called the V.A.T.S., the game allows players to freeze time and attack certain parts of an enemy, depending on how many action points they have. It’s a big nod to the previous iterations on the PC but more than that, it’s an intuitive feature that works quite well, making this an involving and intricate rpg although at first glance someone may mistake it for an fps.

The game is massive but seems to utilize all the regions of the game quite well as they all feature very time-consuming sidequests of all sorts and the stories that are revealed in these quests are said to be very surprising. There’s always stuff to do in the game and while many are limiting because they are simply too hard when not leveled up enough, the scope and the depth of the game’s universe is truly remarkable and it’s not surprising to read about people spending more tan 150 hours on the game.

Though this is very similar to Bethesda’s previous games, some mechanics have changed and these are important changes. Lock-picking now actually requires players to listen to the sounds the stick makes when trying to determine whether to lock-pick. Hacking computers and stuff like that is a really hard guess game where players have to pick out letters and are given a clue whether how many letters chosen are correct and the player then have to guess at one of the words shown on the screen. There are certain weapons which can be created by collecting schematics and the mechanics that plays out in stealing has been drastically changed so that players can no longer cheat the system.

Some issues have been reported for this game but they are issues similar to other Bethesda games such as the 3rd-person-view being unusable, lots of glitches and bugs and whatnot, weird dialogue trees, confusing sidequests, etc. but for the most part, the fact that Bethesda was able to work with such a completely unique concept and meld it so well with the gameplay style they’re known for is an important achievement, one that made 2008 so special for many, many rpg fans, especially for pc gamers who get to make and experience various mods for the game.

Race Driver GRID (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
FYI, I am not including the DS version of this game in this discussion.

That said, GRID is an important title for 2008 because it achieves something all the previous realistic racing simulation games still have not been able to do: a dynamic and intelligent computer A.I. This is a huge achievement for the genre as a whole and is something that should be noted by other racing developers. The computer-driven cars can actually mistakes and they actually act realistically to players, making intelligent cornering maneuvers and even being unpredictable at times. How many years has it been since racing fans have been wanting something like this? 2008 is finally the year this has happened and that’s what makes GRID such an incredibly important title.

Its focus on pure racing is also important as well since it feels completely fresh when so many other realistic racing simulators seem to put a lot of focus on tweaking and modifying cars with real engine parts and tires and whatnot. GRID abandons that aspect of it completely and focuses solely on actual racing, presenting career modes that are deeply involving and featuring tracks that have three different kind of racing styles from huge open races to narrow and tortuous European races to drift racing in Japan. The controls and physics are more suited for gamers into arcade racers but at the same time, it’s damage modeling and its graphics satisfy many fans of the realistic simulation genre. Thus, GRID also manages to be very accessible while being an extremely hardcore racing game at the same time. Again, this is an important achievement for the genre and now many are left wondering how future racing games will respond to such achievements.

Dead Space (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
Finally, a western development team is able to do things right with the survival action/horror genre and though much of the gameplay is reminiscent and nostalgic of other Japanese horror games, there are many things where the game does a lot of things different and in most of these things, the game succeeds, making itself stand apart from many other games that were released on 2008. From its unique premise of taking place inside an abandoned space colony to the totally fresh concept of defeating enemies by dismembering their limbs, the game is an action-packed thrill ride that completely immerses the player into the horror of the situation. Judging by the way the game paces itself, from creature-blasting moments to anti-gravity puzzles, what presented in Dead Space is a unique horror game with unique weapons, unique enemies, and unique levels.

Not many people expected too much out of this one, especially since with EA as its publisher but everything the trailers promised for this game were pretty much delivered on this title, which sure was a fine achievement for the genre. Dead Space doesn’t have too many competitors but even if it did, its importance is hard to overlook and it’s truly one of the best games for those wanting intense action and a fresh atmosphere.

Unrelated to the game itself, another important thing about Dead Space is the fact that since it was released among many other big holiday hits, the title was largely overlooked by potential buyers of the game. It sold well for being a brand new IP but many analysts argue that if a game like this was actually released during summer or spring, it would have been a bigger hit with the gamers. This is a lesson too true for so many games released each year but in 2008, Dead Space was probably the biggest example of this lesson.

Resistance 2 (PS3)
Resistance 2 is Insomniac’s answer to all the criticisms people made about the first game. Many, many gamers complained that the first game’s narrative style was lame, that its weapon management ring was too cumbersome, and that it’s split-screen co-op feature felt tacked on. Insomniac responded to these complaints with four C’s: Compelling, Cooperative, Competitive, and Community.

Most agree that the singleplayer campaign of Resistance 2 was definitely not compelling even with its gigantic 300-feet-tall bosses because of its abrupt storytelling and trial-and-error method required for a lot of its levels but even so, most of them do seem to agree that gameplay mechanics of Resistance 2 in all of its modes are solid, especially since they are the result of inspiration of many other fps games. The weapon management is now the traditional setup, just a switch back-and-forth between two weapons and experience points are gained throughout all across the game’s three modes. This isn’t to say that the campaign of Resistance 2 was lackluster but the entire picture shows that the most important parts of this game are the multiplayer modes.

The multiplayer aspects of Resistance 2 are importance because they do things that no other shooter games have ever done before. The 8-player co-op mode is one such deal, featuring three different classes and 60 or so levels that change upon each playthrough, which makes teamwork a necessity. This feature also supports split-screen so people wanting to play Resistance 2 with a buddy sitting on the couch together, they with 6 other players online can experience something that is more of an mmo than an fps, which to many gamers was simply awesome and something they never expected out of the shooter genre.

The other unique thing about Resistance 2 is the fact that it’s currently the biggest multiplayer game on the console in regards to the amount of people can play in a single match: a big whopping 60. There is no other console game that supports this many players and actually succeeds. Only will PC gamers can object to this achievement since Battlefield 2 supported up to 64 players. On consoles though, R2 is the biggest multiplayer shooter, a surprising feat since its prequel supported 40 players.

The way it supports this many players is really unique too since it means that there are 10 squads of 6 people all competing against each other for different squad-based objectives. With huge maps bridged with anti-gravity devices and with these unique abilities players gain through experience called Beserks, the multiplayer is made to be balanced, even with so many gamers playing on a single match. That is a real achievement right there and that’s why this is one of the very important games of 2008.

Top Five Gaming News Stories of 2008

2008 was another interesting year in news for the gaming industry. The video game console war is heating up more than ever with three giants going at it for you gaming dollar. Gaming has never been more popular than in 2008. Here are the top five gaming news stories of 2008.
5. Gaming Companies Going Under

The gaming industry grew exponentially in 2008 thanks to record-breaking sales. So it is a surprise to learn that many video game companies performing poorly or, even worse, closing shop all together. This is because of the rising cost of developing games, especially for high-definition systems like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Publisher Midway is facing bankruptcy while developers Factor 5 (Star Wars: Rogue Squadron) and Free Radical Designer (TimeSplitters) had to shut down.

4. Death of Third Party Exclusives on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

For the same reason as above, third-party exclusive games are all but gone on high-definition video game systems. In 2008, we saw Final Fantasy XIII heading to the Xbox 360 in addition to Bioshock heading over to the Playstation 3. With higher development costs for high-definition games, video game companies simply can’t neglect the millions of users on either the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 (not to mention the PC as well).

3. Xbox 360 Price Drop and Re-imaging

Microsoft was in the crossroads for most of 2008 regarding its Xbox 360 gaming system. It was being outsold by the Playstation 3 for most of the year and many were calling for a much overdo price drop. Microsoft finally dropped the price of the Xbox 360 in the fall.

That’s not all they have done, however. Microsoft also decided to give a significant facelift to the Xbox 360 firmware via the New Xbox Experience. Not only are the menus slicker, the update also includes Netflix streaming support in addition to hard drive game installation.

Because of these changes, Microsoft managed to re-energize the Xbox 360 in 2008. As a result, it was able to waltz through the Playstation 3 is sales during the holiday season.

2. Rise of Independent Games

With games getting more expensive to make, it is hard for small gaming company to survive in this landscape. Fortunately, they have an outlet in the form of downloadable services on the Nintendo Wii (WiiWare), Playstation 3 (Playstation Network) and Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade).

2008 is the breakout year for independent games with the launch of WiiWare and XNA Community Games, maturity of the Playstation Network and the continue success of the Xbox Live Arcade. In fact, some of the best games (Braid, World of Goo and PixelJunk Monsters) of 2008 were independently developed.

1. Nintendo Wii Domination

The Nintendo Wii has been breaking sales record since it launch in late 2006. Many thought that it will be a fad and, therefore, slow down in 2008. The exact opposite happened instead as the Nintendo Wii broke many sales record month in and month out. Despite dramatically increasing supply, Nintendo still couldn’t meet the tremendous demand. The Nintendo Wii is well on pace to surpassing the Playstation 2 as the best selling video game system of all time.

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